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I'm trying to make a virtual dressing room application with kinect. My problem is that I want to use poser for modeling, so I need to convert C++ from kinect to python. I have no experience in python!

Can anybody help me please?
Updated 21-Dec-19 23:24pm
joshrduncan2012 15-Feb-13 15:15pm
Why are you using Python if you have no prior experience with it? WHy can't you use a language you are more familiar with?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Feb-13 15:25pm
It would be hard to answer such question. As if getting knowledge required excuses... But usually, "converting" is a bad idea.
The language is valuable only if it supports some different way of thinking...
joshrduncan2012 15-Feb-13 15:26pm
I agree 100%.
Matthew Faithfull 15-Feb-13 15:18pm
I know precious little about Python other than that it sucks but I have heard that if you want to connect C++ and Python together there is a Boost library to help with that, presumably Boost::python. I would start at
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Feb-13 15:27pm
You first problem here is not become a Python poser being a C++ fan at heart. :-)
That's why "conversion" is, maybe, not a good idea.
TRK3 15-Feb-13 16:29pm
You can call functions in a C-DLL from python using the ctypes python library.

Or you can spawn process and get return values using the subprocess python module.

And/or you can invoke the python interpreter from C.

There are all kinds of ways to interoperate C/C++ and python. I'd look into doing that rather converting everything to python.
GiZmoDragonBack 21-Jul-13 16:02pm
What do you mean by convert? Automatically or manually?
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Solution 4

I have no clue what "kinect" is but I do work with C++/Python binding often. There's a tool called "swig" that's a widely used method for exporting C++ to Python (and other combinations). Essentially you create interface files (*.i) that you pass to Swig (a standalone app) that generates objects/libraries that can be imported in Python. It can be a bit of a pain but it works and there are plenty of people using it so if you run into problems, there is some help out there.

Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator[^]
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Dec-16 22:15pm
You had to dig up a four year old question? Really?
Albert Holguin 18-Dec-16 22:29pm
Didn't look at the dates... that shows up on my feed as an unanswered question given my filters... what can I say? ::shrug::
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Dec-16 22:31pm
OK. I've done the same before.

It could have been hit before by a spam message that was deleted. This would kick it back up to the top of the list.
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Solution 16

Removed random (and incomplete) code snippet.

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