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I have three DropdownList named drpUniversity, drpFaculty and drpSupervisor in my page. In drpUniversity has a list of University and in last index has Others if the listed Universities are not sufficient for users. Like as: American University, George Washington University,
Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences and Others. Now, in the drpUniversity_SelectedIndexChange event I have add a Label and a TextBox when the user select the Others (or last index).

My Code:
protected void drpUniversity_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (IsPostBack)
                if (drpUniversity.SelectedItem.Value.ToString() == "Others".ToString())
                    int rowcount = mytable.Rows.Count;
                    HtmlTableRow row = new HtmlTableRow();
                    row.ID = "tbl_row" + (rowcount + 1);
                    HtmlTableCell cell1 = new HtmlTableCell();
                    cell1.ID = "tbl_cell1" + (rowcount + 1);
                    HtmlTableCell cell2 = new HtmlTableCell();
                    cell2.ID = "tbl_cell2" + (rowcount + 1);
                    cell1.Attributes["class"] = "contact";
                    cell2.Attributes["class"] = "contact";
                    TextBox tb = new TextBox();
                    tb.ID = "tbQty" + (rowcount + 1);
                    tb.Width = 276;
                    Label lblotherUniver = new Label();
                    lblotherUniver.ID = "lbluniversity";
                    lblotherUniver.Text = "University Name";
                    mytable.Rows.Insert(8, row);

But, the problem is when its creating a TextBox and a Lable then the other DropDownList named drpFaculty's and drpSupervisor's SelectedIndexChange events are not working. How, can I solve this problem?
"Is not working" is not informative.
UL UL ALBAB 18-Feb-13 1:31am
means what ?
Richard C Bishop 18-Feb-13 15:27pm
Whats the point of using a ToString() at the end of a string in quotes?

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