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Hi every one.
I made project in C# 2005 but I want to prevent decompiling the exe file.
I know there are many tools to decompile the exe file to sln or source file and I want to prevent it.
How can I do that?

Updated 27-Jan-10 0:50am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Dec-10 21:00pm    
Dotfuscator is known to be quite weak. Also, I once faces with the project that cause obfuscator to fail (not failed to obfuscate, failed to complete the task, obfuscator itself crashed during run-time; I don't remember the version, but in 2009). Finally, strictly speaking, the obfuscator does not prevent decompilation, it obfuscated, that is, make the result of decompilation hard to understand. Some commercial products primatily advertized actually offer stronger code protection features used to prevent debugging. (I don't know if preventing decompilation per se it possible, but your point is not decompilation, your goal is goal protection, is that true?)

Like the other two guys said, you need an obfuscator utility, but don't use the one that comes with Visual Studio - it doesn't do nearly enough. You actually need to pay money for a decent one.

Also, you can't obfuscate WPF applications. I know this isn't an issue for you right now, but if you deploy a WPF app in the future, you won't be able to protect it from prying eyes.
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You need a tool called an obstifucator (Honestly!).
Some versions of Visual Studio (the non-express ones I think) come with Dotfusticator, which is an obstifucation tool.

I don't know any details about how strong dotfuscicator is, as I have never really had to obstifucate in earnest. There are other paid and unpaid tools out there.
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dabbourabd wrote:
i want to prevent that

Using a tool like dotfuscator could be one way.
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You need to obfuscate your assemblies using something like Crypto Obfuscator - after obfuscating, you will not be able to make sense of your own code even if you can view it in Reflector.
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Amax2009 12-Apr-13 5:10am    
I do not have any solution but i need to be helped to be protected my code because i do have many information in my application which is very important to me and Crypto Obfuscator is to encrypt my code which is not much helpful for me to protect those informations. So please give me any solution so that my exe could not be opened by .net reflector and any other applications which decompiles the exes.


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