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Dear Team,
i have file .sql and they content upto 150 mb file size when i execute in SQL Server then get file size heavy and execute error.

Have any other way restore .sql file in database like .bak file .

Rohit Kumar Singh
ssd_coolguy 19-Feb-13 4:44am
can you tell us.. what exactly that sql file contain..?
is there any query?
rohit_singhk 19-Feb-13 5:31am
DataBase Script with Data Contain
rohit_singhk 19-Feb-13 5:47am
Dear File extension is .sql not .bak file got it?
File Path like :
E:\New folder\DCE_Script_With_Data.sql

Again i told not like .bak if it is .bak file i easily restore?

And .SQL extension direct open in new query window if file size not more than 150 MB.

rohit_singhk 19-Feb-13 6:38am
CALL sqlcmd -w 125 -S %ROHIT-PC% -d %DCORE_19022013% -U%sa% -P%boss% -l30 -b -I -i "E:\Dcore_GGN_Even_20April2012_1013hrs.sql"

Like that
rohit_singhk 19-Feb-13 6:40am
Server Name : ROHIT-PC
DataBase : DCORE_19022013
User ID : Sa
Password : boss
File Sources Path : E:\Dcore_GGN_Even_20April2012_1013hrs.sql

Now what is query direct exceutable


Try this code....
DECLARE @SqlString VARCHAR(1000)
SELECT @SqlString = 'BACKUP DATABASE eUnderwrite TO DISK = ''path'+ REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(15),GETDATE(),106),' ','_')++'_'+REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),GETDATE(),108),':','_')+'.bak'' WITH INIT'
PRINT @SqlString
EXEC (@SqlString)
You can try SqlCmd utility. Code like
CALL sqlcmd -w 125 -S %Server% -d %Database% -U%uid% -P%pwd% -l30 -b -I -i  "dbscript.sql"

In details you can check SqlCmd Utility

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