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Dim _retval As New IMaCSRetVal

Below i am wriiting the code to save table values to database
Dim j As Integer

Dim name = Request.Form("nmlbl")

Dim col = Request.Form("nmcol")

Dim nameArr As String()
Dim colArr As String()

nameArr = split(name ,"")
colArr = split(col,"")

How can i fill the dataset with the help of following code?
      For j = 1 To ddlst_Scale_pointers.SelectedValue
          nameArr = sf.splitStr(name, ",")
          colArr = sf.splitStr(col, ",")
          If IsNothing(nameArr(j)) and IsNothing(colArr(j)) Then
              lblMsg.Text = "Please enter name & color for pointer"
          End If
      oDs.addRows(New String() {""})

Protected Function doPageLoad(ByVal sender As Object, _
                                  ByVal e As System.EventArgs _
                                 ) As IMaCSRetVal

        If Page.IsPostBack = False Then

           For dp As Integer = 1 To 10
        End If

        Dim _retval As New IMaCSRetVal
        Dim ddlstManager As New DropDownList_Manager
        Return _retval
    End Function

    Private Function FillControls(ByVal [ID] As Int32) As IMaCSRetVal
        Dim _retval As New IMaCS.Framework.BusinessObjects.IMaCSRetVal
        Dim ds As New Kri_Scale_Dataset
        Dim oBOMgr As New Trn_Kri_Scale_Manager
        Dim dsHlpr As New DataSetHlpr

        _retval = oBOMgr.getData([ID], ds)
        If _retval.getErrorId <> 0 Then Return _retval

        Return _retval
    End Function

    Protected Function doBtnSaveClick(ByVal sender As Object, _
                                      ByVal e As System.EventArgs _
                                         ) As IMaCSRetVal
        Dim _retval As New IMaCSRetVal

        Dim arr As Array
        ' Step 1:
        Dim oMgr As New Trn_Kri_Scale_Manager

        ' Step 2,3:
        If intEditID = 0 Then ' The Save Function should do an insert.
            If Not oPageAccessPermissions.getInsertPermission Then
                Return _retval
            Else ' add row for insert
                ' Step 4.INSERT MODE
                _retval = oMgr.trnkriScale_Insert_row(0, _
                                                        txtScaleName.Text, _
                                                        ddlstScale_Type.SelectedValue, _
                                                        ddlstScale_Measure.SelectedValue, _
                                                        txtDescription.Text, _
                                                         txtCode.Text, _

               _retavl = oMgr.trnscalepointer_insert_row(0, nameArr(j) ,colArr(j) , "" ,"" , "" ,intLoggedInUserID)

            End If

            If Not oPageAccessPermissions.getUpdatePermission Then  ' The Save Function should do an Update.

            End If
        End If

        ' Step 5,6:
        _retval = oMgr.updateData()

        ' FillControls(intEditID)

        If _retval.getErrorId <> 0 Then Return _retval ' there is an error, let the page handle the display.

        ' Step 7:
        If intEditID = 0 Then
            intEditID = oMgr.NewID
            CType(Session("oSessionInfo"), IMaCS.Framework.Security.UserManagement.UserSessionInfo).setCurrentBorrowerId(intEditID)
        Return _retval

    End Function

Below i have created runtime table i need to save this to database
    Protected Sub ddlst_Scale_pointers_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ddlst_Scale_pointers.SelectedIndexChanged

        Dim sb As New StringBuilder()

        sb.Append("<table id="table1" width="400" class="second" border="1px">")
        sb.Append("<td>Pointer No</td>")
        sb.Append("<td>Pointer Label</td>")
        sb.Append("<td>Pointer Color</td>")
        For i As Integer = 1 To ddlst_Scale_pointers.SelectedItem.Value
            sb.Append("<td>" & i & "</td>")
            sb.Append("<td><input id='txtlbl" & i & "'  type='text' /></td>")
            sb.Append("<td><input id='txtcolour" & i & "' class='color' type='text' /></td>")
            sb.Append("</tr> ")
        mydiv.InnerHtml = sb.ToString()

        For i As Integer = 1 To ddlst_Scale_pointers.SelectedItem.Value
      End Sub
End Class

I have created a table At runtime i need to save the data from table to dataset (and to oracle database)i need to save the individual feilds 1 by 1 to dataset to my table named scalepointer , if any of the textbox is empty i shuldnt allow to save canany1 help hhow can i stop a user from saving data if the textbox feild is empty????
Thanks in advance
Updated 22-Feb-13 21:00pm
Sandeep Mewara 19-Feb-13 9:34am
What is the problem? You shared the code but the issue is...?
Member 9410081 19-Feb-13 9:54am
how can i feel the dataset above i have marked in italic in stating code i m not getting how can i split the array and store it individually

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