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I'm trying to make an image a background for a button. I've done so on another page i've created but when I use the same Uri (on a nested page) for some reason the img won't ever show up.


On the portfolio page all the imgs's show up just fine(as on the index page as well). But for some reason(the same code) Page6 will not load the image? Anyone know why this could be?

the uri that follows is the uri I used in the portfolio page and the picture show's up just fine.


when I use the same exact uri for page6 the picture never shows up
Updated 28-Jan-10 12:03pm

MrNiceBerG wrote:

From Page6, perhaps

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When you are not happy with the answer you've been given, you should edit your original question to answer why you don't think the answer you got is correct. Asking the same question again, and continuing to ignore requests to see code and other information, but expecting us to answer questions despite having previously told you that we can't based on this info, is the definition of insanity.
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Without seeing the code, I can only surmise that the reason you have a problem is because you are using a path relative URI such as ../, and the path is nested further here.
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