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i wrote that code to calculate the distance between two point any one can gime a tip how to get the minimun distance between these point -not the max - ^^

thanks a lot

int distanceX;
                   int distanceY;

                   int index = 0;
                   int max_index = 0;
                   int shortd=0;

                   double total_distance;
                   double max_distance = 0;

                   List<PointPixel> ppList1 = new List<PointPixel>();
                   List<PointPixel> ppList2 = new List<PointPixel>();

ppList1.Insert(index, getPointPixel(plist, h));
                               ppList2.Insert(index, getPointPixel(plist, g));

                               distanceX = ppList1.ElementAt(index).getX() - ppList2.ElementAt(index).getX();
                               distanceY = ppList1.ElementAt(index).getY() - ppList2.ElementAt(index).getY();
                               total_distance = Math.Pow((double)distanceX, 2) + Math.Pow((double)distanceY, 2);
                               total_distance = Math.Sqrt(total_distance);
                               total_distance = Math.Round(total_distance, 2);

                                   if (total_distance > max_distance)
                                       max_distance = total_distance;
                                       max_index = index;

Zoltán Zörgő 19-Feb-13 17:42pm    
You need the minimum distance between the two point lists? Since there is only one distance between two singular points.
alexandrosok 19-Feb-13 17:47pm    
i use the lists to insert the pair inside like list1(x,y) compared with list2(x,y) i found the max distance but my brain i stuck and i want to find the minimum distance
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Feb-13 18:08pm    
There is no algorithmic difference between max and min... :-)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Feb-13 18:07pm    
There is only one Cartesian distance between two points, no minimum, maximum or something else.

1 solution

Use the following feature: double.PositiveInfinity as a starting value, if you want to find minimum, and double.NegativeInfinity, if you want to find maximum:[^],[^].

Cycle through all possible pairs of point and find the distance between them, compare with current minimum and decrease the current minimum if the distance is smaller. The opposite with maximum. When iterations are done, your current minimum will be the answer. Same thing with maximum.

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