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i am using the ASPNETDB database and AspNetSqlMembershipProvider, and IDE controls to deal with the users, such as Loging control....

The problem I have is: When i uploaded my site to hosting it does not save login data, and all that I try to login to a particular page is transformative to the login page (sometimes is transformative in a minute and sometimes three minutes, there is no specific time for the session) even if i checked (remember me), make sure I have a browser saves cookei, and also confirmed that cookie is saved from the site when i check (remember me), but to no avail, and every minute be logged out of the site and transferring to the login page.

my site works as required on the local server from within the VS 2010, and remains held logged throughout the session, in the absence of selection (remember me), and remains held log for the next time also in which case i check (remember me).

any proposal ... thanks in advance.

Basically, you would need to use a cookie.

People explained the technique in many places. For example:[^].

Want to find other code samples? See[^].

My concern is different: you should warn the user about the danger of storing log on information in a cookie on a local computer. If you use proper authentication, you never store any passwords anywhere (you can store cryptographic hash functions of passwords, but it makes cryptographically infeasible to restore the original password). Storing the password on local computer creates sensitive data which can be captures if a client computer is stolen or cracked in some way. So, this decision should be optional; and the user should be warned, to be aware and careful about such things. Such solution should never be a default.

I found the solution on this page[^].

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