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Hi all. I use this block of code to set a picture in IE BHO.

<br />
void* init = GetProcAddress( LoadLibrary( "atl" ), "AtlAxWinInit" );<br />
  _asm call init;<br />
  CreateWindow( "AtlAxWin", pictureURL,<br />
	  WS_CHILDWINDOW | WS_VISIBLE, posX, PosY, PosX + height, PosY + width,<br />
	  GetSafeHwnd(), 0, (HINSTANCE)GetWindowLong( GetSafeHwnd(), GWL_HINSTANCE ), 0 );<br />

Can anybody tell me why the picture is drawn with small size and there is a zoom tool when the mouse is over it. Clicking on the picture will zoom it (in or out).
Also is there another way to put a JPG or GIF picture on BHO?
thanks in advance

Thanks to Christian Graus.
Well... I c... so is it possible to show the image in smaller size than the original one without that stupid tool? :)
Updated 28-Jan-10 0:34am

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That's just what IE does with oversize pictures, it sizes them to fit, then gives you a control to show them full size.
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