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I want selected month date want to display in datagridview using c sharp.

My Code as follows;

private void Faculty_Available_Calendar_DateChanged(object sender, DateRangeEventArgs e)
             DateTime dt1 = Faculty_Available_Calendar.SelectionStart;
             dt1 = new DateTime(dt1.Year, dt1.Month, 1);
             DateTime dt2 = dt1.AddMonths(1);
             int numDays = (dt2 - dt1).Days;
             if (DGVCalendar.RowCount < numDays)
                DGVCalendar.RowCount = numDays;
            int row = 0;
            while (dt1 < dt2)
                 DGVCalendar.Rows[row].Cells[0].Value = dt1.ToString("dd-MM-yy");
                 dt1 = dt1.AddDays(1);

In datagridview ouput as follows; (when i select march month means that month all dates want to display in datagridview)

Select Month(Name) column Name)

Checkbox 1/3/2013 to 31/3/2013 (dsiplay in datagridview)

When i select the month in (Month Calendar Control) in run mode,Error shows as follows;

string was not recognized as valid Boolean.'

This error happen when i add Checkbox in datagridview.

suppose i remove the Checkbox in datagridview, Correctly working why?

I want to add checkbox, so that select the date and save in database.
Updated 22-Feb-13 3:00am

1 solution

You've added the check box to the left of the date so it is actually in Cells[0].

If you remove the CheckBox then the date again becomes Cells[0].

You have a choice now ...
Either put the CheckBox column to the right of the date (Cells[1])
change the line
to be

Better yet, define some const values e.g. const int DateColumn = 0 and use

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