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Am new to VB.Net. I have created a windows service. Where my simple goal is to create an Excel file and save it to my local drive. I have used the following code.

 Dim oExcel As Excel.Application
            Dim oBook As Excel.Workbook
            Dim oSheet As Excel.Worksheet
            oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
            oBook = oExcel.Workbooks.Add

'Start a new workbook in Excel.

            'Add data to cells of the first worksheet in the new workbook.
            oSheet = oBook.Worksheets(1)
            oSheet.Range("A1").Value = "Last Name"
            oSheet.Range("B1").Value = "First Name"
            oSheet.Range("A1:B1").Font.Bold = True
            oSheet.Range("A2").Value = "Doe"
            oSheet.Range("B2").Value = "John"

            oSheet = Nothing
            oBook = Nothing
            oExcel = Nothing

Now this CreateObject throwing exception "Cannot create ActiveX component." I have added reference of Microsoft Excel & Office in my project.

Any idea what am doing wrong or what should be done? It is possible to create and save excel file from windows service right?

P.S - Am on windows 7 64 bit machine and using vs2010, office 2010.
CHill60 26-Feb-13 6:44am
You should be using oExcel = new Excel.Application() not CreateObject
A Roychowdhury 26-Feb-13 7:11am
Thanks for your reply CHill60..however this time I got the following exception.
"Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80080005."
CHill60 26-Feb-13 7:21am
See solution below - you shouldn't be using a COM interface to excel so check how you added the references to your project

1 solution

It may be possible as long as Excel is on the box that the service is running on, although I've heard on StackExchange that interop doesn't work as a server application

Have a look at this article[^] from Microsoft
or a very good alternative approach [^] from our very own CodeProject which may be the very solution you need for a service
A Roychowdhury 26-Feb-13 7:15am
The msdn article is referring to a console application. But am looking for a windows service to do the same.
CHill60 26-Feb-13 7:19am
They tend to use Console applications for ease of demonstration - so they can use consolewriteline to show the working. The main principles are the same.
[Edit] - do you specifically need a "service" if you are saving to your local drive - would a winform application be appropriate?
A Roychowdhury 26-Feb-13 7:25am
Actually I need a application which will automatically run,create and save some excel reports preodically. So, I figured out that windows service will be teh best solution to do so as it'll never need user intervention to start.
CHill60 26-Feb-13 7:29am
Cool - just thought I'd check :-) I like to "start simple" and layer up the complexity so maybe having a console app running under a windows scheduler for starters might get you going
A Roychowdhury 26-Feb-13 7:35am
So we can add scheduler to console application? that'll do. can you please share how to use that.
CHill60 26-Feb-13 8:23am
It's more a case of having a scheduler call your console (or other) application ... there's an intro here for Windows 7 and a more in depth example We haven't got Win7 here yet so I won't be able to help much beyond this - sorry
A Roychowdhury 26-Feb-13 8:24am
I did add the console application under a windows scheduler task and its working fine. Just to give others the idea of how to add console app under the scheduler..follow the below steps:

1. run Start->All Programs-> Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks.

2. add Scheduled Task->Next->Select your console application->Next->Select Daily Perform this task->check the start time and start date, and let Perform this task Every 2 days->enter your name and password->check Open advanced properties…Finish option and then click finish button-> click Settings page->change the time of Stop the task if it runs for: 1 hour(s) 59 minute(s)-> at last click OK buttion to finish the configuration.
CHill60 26-Feb-13 9:05am
My 5 (if I could vote it up) for adding the extra detail for others.

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