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I guys , i was tried different date formats but doesn't got the required Date Format.

I want the date format as : 01-Mar-2013 05:30:58 PM

Please any one help me.
Updated 1-Mar-13 1:02am

SELECT REPLACE(CAST(convert(varchar, getdate(), 113) AS VARCHAR(11)), ' ','-') + ' ' + LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), GETDATE(), 109), 15))
gvprabu 1-Mar-13 7:48am
Your Output is coming Different, pls check
CH Guravaiah 1-Mar-13 7:52am
thanks for giving information. But here is 01-Mar-2013 6:19:58:380PM . from the date no need the Milliseconds. I want only 01-Mar-2013 05:30:58 PM these format. Please give me the correct Answer.
Hi ,

Check the following Query....

SELECT GETDATE(), REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar(30), GETDATE(),106),' ','-')+' ' + LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(CHAR(20), GETDATE(), 22), 11))


refer below articles to more on SQL date formats.
SQL Server Date Formats[^]
CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL)[^]
SQL SERVER – Display Datetime in Specific Format [^]

pickup which suites best for your requirement.

hope it helps.

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