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Are there any conversion tools available to convert C++ source code to C#? I am asking about free tools. I need to convert VC++ code into C#. Is this possible? If such tools available, please share the URL.

Thanks in Advance

What I have tried:

This is not a code conversion service
Updated 18-Jul-21 12:11pm
Philippe Mori 18-Aug-15 12:46pm    
Do you really need to convert code as you can use C++/CLI to make an assembly that allows to use C++ code from C#.

Converting lot of code can be time consumming and error prone so you have to be sure it is the right approach.

Offen find and replace can works quite well. It all depends on the size and complexity of the code. by the way, I usuall prefer that over convertion using IL has in that case comments are lost and some primitives like for loop are replaced by while loop and other similar things.

A paid tools that works well might be more cost effective than a tools that don't work that well. You have to try yourself with your own code as support can vary widely...

Why convert to C#? Just create a managed C++ assembly with your C++ code in it, and call if from your C# app.
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I found two using Google Search with keywords: convert c++ to C#

SourceForge.Net C++ to C# Code Converter [^]

Softpedia Convert C++ To C#[^]

There may be more. I just picked two to share.
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