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Hi All,

This is small piece of code written by me as a start up for my image processing work in C++.
#include "../CImg.h"
#include <iostream> 
using namespace std;
using namespace cimg_library;
int main(int argc,char**argv)
 CImg<int> img(argv[1]);
 CImgDisplay disp;
 return 0;  

Here is my question:

I want to select an area from the displayed image. Can someone tell me how to select an area from displayed image and store the selected pixels, and display the selected region in different display window. If someone can provide code, it will be of great help to me.

Thank you all
Updated 2-Feb-10 11:31am

Did you try the CImg forums[^]?
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hi Richard,

Your tip did help me. Thanks a lot.
Here is the answer for the question which i had posted:

#include "../CImg.h"
  5 #include <iostream>
  7 using namespace std;
  8 using namespace cimg_library;
 10 int main()
 11 {
 12     CImg <unsigned char > image("img/logo.bmp");
 13     CImgDisplay disp(image,"Input Image");
 15     cout<<"Select an area from the displayed image"<<endl;
 16     CImg <int> SelectedImageCords = image.get_select(disp,2,0,0);
 17     CImg <unsigned char> SelectedImage = image.get_crop(SelectedImageCords(0
 19     CImgDisplay disp2(SelectedImage,"Selected Image");
 20     while(!disp3.is_closed)
 21         disp2.wait();
 22     return 0;
 23 }     

Thank you very much richard.
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