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how to convert command line arguments to char type

I am writing this
string[] ar=Environment.GetCommandLineArgs();
char c =Convert.ToChar(a);

is converting in this way correct?
Updated 2-Mar-13 23:25pm

No. The command line arguments are strings, and they are (effectively) arrays of characters. You cannot convert a string to a character any more than you can convert a shelf of books into a single novel. And your code doesn't even try - it deoesn't even use the arguments themselves!

Depending on what you want to do with the command line argument, you could compare it directly as a string:
foreach(string cmd in Environment.GetCommandLineArgs())
      case "Command1": ProcessCommand1(); break;
      case "Command2": ProcessCommand2(); break;
As the GetCommandLineArgs method return a string array, any element of it is a string. A string[^] is not a character and not a character array, as in C. You can not convert a string to a single char, since it contains many characters. You can however extract any character from it (using indexer or substring[^] method), or convert it to a character array[^].
So it depends on what yo want exactly...

But for parsing command line arguments, you better use a third party library, like this one:[^]
Convert.ToChar(string)[^] coverts only the first char of the string.
You can use string.ToCharArray[^] to convert all the char in a string to char array eg:
string delimStr = " ,.:";
char [] delimiter = delimStr.ToCharArray();

so you make a decision on how your arguments are passed and how to use these methods to parse your arguments.
You really need a command-line parsing library and well-defined command line syntax per application, instead of "character" or any other ad-hoc stuff. I can offer my open-source code provided in my CodeProject article Enumeration-based Command Line Utility[^].

This library is especially easy to use and the usage is less error-prone. Another good library is recommended in my article.


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