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Hi friends,

Can you please explain Blowfish Algorithem with examples.i searched internet i got some data but i missed some concept so could you please explain with the help of example.i need total concept. For example i will give input "1234" then how the algorthime will encript this "1234".please explain As Soon As Possible.

Thanks In Adavance

1 solution

When you "searched internet" did you bother to follow any of the links? Read any of the text they contained?

I only ask because a simple Google: Blowfish algorithem[^] - even misspelled - gave over a million hits.
The first page alone, has descriptions and explanations from ten different sources.
Including Wiki:[^] which covers it very well all on it's own.

In future, please try to do at least basic research yourself, and not waste your time or ours.
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OriginalGriff 5-Mar-13 3:51am    
How do you expect us to give you a a better explanation in a small textbox than wiki can in a full page? This is a complex subject and needs proper explanation
If you do not understand the explanations you have, then you need to read them again, as they are a lot better than anything we can fit into here.
OriginalGriff 5-Mar-13 4:38am    
If you have a specific problem with understanding an algorithm, then ask about that specific area - but a general "explain this as soon as possible" is always going to get you less than you want.
kayalasheshu 5-Mar-13 5:02am    
if you dnt mind i vl ask one question:
I have VC++ code in blowfish encryption algorithem and c# code . but i faced one problem on this codes
i gave "abc" input in vc++ code i got some output.same like c# but i need both outputs will same but i didnt get both same.where i have to modify my c# code.

OriginalGriff 5-Mar-13 5:16am    
How do you expect anyone to answer that?
Remember, I cannot see your screen. Or access your HDD. Or read your mind.

Run them both in separate VS sessions, and step them both through in the debugger - when you find a difference, start looking at why!

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