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Hi All,

I am new to CRM 2011.

Currently working on a Migration project, which is being migrated from 4.0 to 2011.

While creating Workflows, there is an dropdown to select the step. We have multiple option there.

There is one option "OrConditional" in 4.0, which is not present there in 2011.
And from the name you can say that it is OR condition, but that is not a OR condition (I don't know the exact functionality), instead it is a step altogether.

So, while migrating one workflow which has this "OrConditional" as one step, I am facing problem to replicate the same behavior.

Anybody who has faced the same issue can guide me what to do exactly.



Actually it's true that in Dynamics CRM 2011 you cannot set an OR condition in workflows, whereas you can use one in advanced searchs for example.

Here's an intersting article about the way to circumvent this issue :

Using OR condition in workflows[^]

Hope this helps.
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I have checked this link before and it refers to if else like condition.

I am asking that there is one option "OrConditional" which is present in 4.0 and not in 2011.

So, why it is not there and how to do that ?
phil.o 5-Mar-13 10:37am    
No, it does not refer to if else condition, it describes the way to transform a A OR B condition to a NOT (NOT A AND NOT B) condition (which are logically equivalent). Please give it a try.

And about the 'why is it not there', only CRM 2011 developpers/architects could answer that.
I was not having enough technical knowledge on all the components of MS Dynamics CRM before asking the question.

So, the step which I was talking about(OrConditional) is a Custom WorkFlow, but not a System WorkFlow Step. That's why I could not able to find it in 2011.

After knowing that, we migrated the same Custom WorkFlow from 4.0 to 2011 and included that in the required Sysytem WorkFlow as a step.

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