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I want to publish my site, which is about how to code basic html. I have a question about the images I used. If I got a .gif off of bing to use as my background, could I be sued for copyright? How could I get around that?

Different images (and other files for that matter) have different restrictions. You can find images which can be used freely. Other can be bought, etc.

See also:[^][^]
If you didn't create it, don't post it. Done.
[no name] 7-Mar-13 9:55am
Wrongly 1 vote countered
PIEBALDconsult 7-Mar-13 20:50pm
Thanks. On the other hand, as I was lying awake last night it occurred to me that with digital cameras it may be impossible to prove that you created the original image. With film, you can show that you have the negative or slide. The closest (as far as I know) with digital is a RAW file, but many cameras don't support that and many practitioners don't use them. It seems to me that an unscrupulous person could grab your image, fake a RAW file of it, and claim that it's his image.

Maybe buying is the best way afterall.
Yes, in principle, you can be sued on copyright basics. Not for the copyright, for violation of some intellectual properly law.

But let's assume you are not sued, but you violate such a simple thing as author's attribution of work, or you violate author's prohibition of using the material on other sites, or something like that. Well, you are not sued, but then you cannot consider yourself a honest person; and you will loose any moral right to even talk to us; I would not personally deal with such violator of I know about the violation. How about that?

One delicate thing: you cannot assume that if original site lacks any legal statement you can borrow the image. You cannot. You can do it if the author allows it. And you should take into account that some site with the image can actually use it illegally. It does not reduce your personal responsibility; using this image might still be illegal.

Many members will answer you: this is not a law site, so you only get the answer from a qualified lawyer. That's true, this site is not the law site, and yes, this is, strictly speaking, off-topic. But I tell you a very different thing: no matter is you can face legal enforcement or not, you simply have to be a honest person. You just have to.

phil.o 7-Mar-13 9:33am
5'ed to counterbalance both 1-votes you (wrongly - IMHO) got.
Thank you, Phil.
Maybe, someone thinks that I'm a proponent of protecting all resources and against open source. This is not true, I'm not. I'm a strong proponent of open source and sharing of everything...

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