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I have developed an windows application using c#

My requirement is to display data which having datatypes as RAW,CLOB,BLOB etc:

But i am not able to bind these datatypes to gridview in my application.

Pleasse ,suggest me way how to fix this.
ZurdoDev 7-Mar-13 7:06am
What is the data? Images? It will depend on what the data actually is.
karteekboddu 7-Mar-13 7:21am
It was not displaying the column names itself from table which are having datatypes like RAW,CLOB and BLOB?
ZurdoDev 7-Mar-13 7:27am
It wasn't displaying the column names? Where? Can you be more clear please?
karteekboddu 7-Mar-13 7:31am
I was trying to display the data into datagridview all columns are displaying the results except the datatypes like RAW,CLOB and BLOB.
ZurdoDev 7-Mar-13 7:31am
Correct, because they are just bytes, right? You have to figure out what they actually are and then handle them accordingly. BLOB could be images, they could be Word documents, but they are stored as bytes so you can't just bind to a gridview.
karteekboddu 7-Mar-13 7:49am
ok,it was images how to display in gridview
ZurdoDev 7-Mar-13 7:52am
See if this article helps:

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