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I am new to this PHP database. I have general question.

I have created a website. which store info on remote server over the internet. But i have internet issue through out my country. So, i wanted some kind of local database on my clinets computer. which hold all the info while its disconnected form main database. and updates when its able to connect to main database.

Note, there are fix places throgh which i need access for that website. for example 1 client per city only.

I need info on it. Can some one point me to the right direction in this regard.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Mar-13 14:20pm    
Not clear and not really a question. Can you see "Improve question" above?
tarhex 8-Mar-13 16:35pm    
Well, let me rephrase the question from what i deduce. You want to be able to store data on your computer so that whenever you have internet access you can update your website database, right?
tarhex 8-Mar-13 16:40pm    
If that's the case, you can store data offline, whenever you are online, you save the database and upload.
Waleed_Hassan 9-Mar-13 7:31am    
yes, u are right. but what i trying to do is automate this operation. i am using PHP and MySQL database.
tarhex 10-Mar-13 11:37am    
Well, i dunno if you can automate but i know you can create and populate the website database offline, save the file and upload (export) as i said earlier. You need to create a web server on your computer to achieve this. There are freewares available to create this web server, if you wish to create a PHP web server, you can try out WAMPSERVER but there are others there. WAMPSERVER is very easy to use.

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