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hi All,

In databse table i have data this format in single sigle column -

This is test<br />
Question<br />
for<br />

when we write csv file the it should be in same cell and same like this
but it is going in other cell after each roe end.

if i do this as This is test<br />Question<br />for<br />Elearning

It writing fine in same cell. But I am entering data through ckeditor so we need press some time enter so data goes in multiple lines.
Updated 7-Mar-13 22:29pm

What you have to understand is that there is no cell in a .csv file. It is just a text file with specific fields/records separators (tabulations, commas, semicolons, carriage return...).

Thus storing a field with a line break is not possible 'as is' in a .csv file.

So, to be able to store your value corectly, you need to get rid of CR-LF in your data.

This could be achieved with the following code, for example :

// Here I assume you got the value from database into the <var>columnValue</var> variable.
columnValue = columnValue.Replace(Environment.NewLine, string.Empty);

Here we replace the new-line characters with a blank one, actually suppressing the line break. But you could replace by another character, if you want to be able to know which line breaks were removed.

Hope this helps.
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rummer 12-Mar-13 1:45am    
Thanx a lot....
If you are talking about storing a line break inside a field in a csv file, you can try using a text delimiter like double quotes.
"Col1", "Col2", "Col3....
.....col3 continued in next line", "Col4", "Col5"
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