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hello frens, i have this question

i have a user control inside another user control. now i want to retrieve that nested user controls control value. what should i do

my user control is uc1 and it has uc2 user control nested.

i want to get the uc2 value in ex.aspx page which has uc1 user control.

please help

This is the same as accesing data on a form opened by another form - it locks the design of the controls together and prevents changes being made with considering their effect on the outside world.

Instead, create a property in the outer control, which returns the info you want. It can get it from it's inner control or not as it's design decides - but the outside world doe not need to be aware of the fact.
This makes your program both cleaner, and a lot more maintainable.
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In your first user control, create a property and parse the second user control.

such as :
public class uc1 : UserControl
   public UserControl uc2{get; set;}

   // of your code here

public class uc2 : Usercontrol

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