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I am having a webpage which contains a print button. when I click on print button the student ID no. is passed to print.aspx page. In this page I have a form with some text boxes. Whenever this id no. is passed all these text boxes filled from a database( all fields related to that ID no.)
Instead of id no., I wil pass class name like (VIIth standard). then all the records should be printed one after another.(For example: this VII standard contain 20 students) then I need to print twenty pages. I wil put two buttons in print.aspx page (Back, Next).
Kindly help me in this regard to print multiple pages at a time(using with code.

Thanks in advance for taking pain for me
Sushil Mate 9-Mar-13 8:48am    
Start with step by step tutorial of C#, ASP.NET & SQL. All the best.
Maciej Los 10-Mar-13 8:21am    
Not clear. Please, be more specific and provide more details (example).
What have you done till now?
What do you mean "print 20 pages"? Do you want to print student details for each student in a class?
Have you seen similar questions:[^]
2012programmer 11-Mar-13 13:12pm    
I have an application form, in this form there is some static content and dynamic content available. This dynamic content will be changed based on database records. For each row of a table in database one page should be published. " Print 20 pages means If there are 20 rows in that table then 20 pages should be printed. Like Mail merge feature in MS-Word, some content is static and some content is dynamic but when we publish this static content is repeated for each record. Thank you.
armie340 13-Mar-13 0:31am    
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