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How to change GridView selected row color LightGray to #F1F1F1 .

I do like this. Please suggest me over currect method.

 GridViewRow gvr = (GridViewRow)(((LinkButton)e.CommandSource).NamingContainer);
 int RowIndex = gvr.RowIndex;
 Grd_ProductSubCategory.Rows[RowIndex].Cells[0].BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.#F1F1F1 (not taken as it is)

but accept :   System.Drawing.Color.LightGray;

But I want to change it as >>> System.Drawing.Color.#F1F1F1

1 solution

Try this

Grd_ProductSubCategory.Rows[RowIndex].Cells[0].BackColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FormHtml("#F1F1F1);"

Hope this works for you.
mimtiyaz 11-Mar-13 7:47am
What error exactly you are getting ?
mimtiyaz 11-Mar-13 7:48am
Oops I missed one double quotation in the syntax... ("#F1F1F1);"
try to make it ("#F1F1F1");
Mas11 11-Mar-13 7:49am
Thanks Imtiyaz it works ! NIce job bro.
5* for it.
mimtiyaz 11-Mar-13 7:50am
My Pleasure.

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