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i am working on a page which binds all the checkbox and its values dynamically... if any checkbox is clicked i need to open the div next to the checkbox that is clicked.... the div that needs to open next to any checkbox that is clicked is a single div so any check box is clicked that same div should open.. but it should open next to the checkbox that is clicked... for example :

checkbox1 --- india
checkbox2 --- US

if any of the checkbox is clicked i need to open a div which is common having colors like


within a vertical div... this div opens but not next to the checkbox which is clicked but somewhere else.. means for ex: if india is checked i need the common color div to open next to india and when US is clicked i need colors div to open next to US.

How can this be done using or ASP.Net please help!!

Thanking you in advance!!

1 solution

You should show/hide the div using client-side scripting, else you need to perform a postback to the server and reload (at least part of) the page.

option 1:
You can add an onclick (I believe) handler that calls a client-side function.

I ussually do something like this:
function on_checkbox_clicked(checkboxid, divid){
  if(document.getElementById(divid).style.visibility == "hidden"){
    document.getElementById(divid).style.visibility = "visible";
     document.getElementById(divid).style.visibility = "hidden";

it will be a little more complex than that, but you get the idea. positioning the div tags is done through html and css.

option 2:
Have a look here: JQuery UI[^] which gives very nice results fast, but is a bit more complex.

hope this gets you along the way.
Shruthi.BT 13-Mar-13 2:05am
hi... i cannot use the concept of hide show as i am not going to get the checkbox id... as it is dynamically generated so for a list of checkboxes id will be say rad0 then the next set of checkbox will have id rad1.... so since the id and no. of checkbox i will not know i cannot use the visible hide concept....

so i have another div which needs to open next to the checkbox which is checked assuming [] as checkbox.. what i need is as follows...

i need like this...

[checked]2 []red
[]3 []blue
[]4 []green
[]5 []yellow

the colors div should open next to [](checkbox that is checked) so if i check the checkbox 3 for example then that div should open as:

[checked]3 []red
[]4 []blue
[]5 []green
[]6 []yellow

how can i make the div to display next to the checkbox that is checked .. and that colors is a single div...

Please help!!
V. 13-Mar-13 2:53am
There is a property ClientId I believe that allows you to control the clientid for your control.

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