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hi!! i need to create a client server based software (desktop)...

there would be multiple client with different ipaddress but same port number...


client A has ip: with port number:5555
client B has ip: with port number:5555
client C has ip: with port number:5555
client D has ip: with port number:5555


server has ipddress: with port number:5555

now i need to create a communicate link between client A,B,C and D with the server...

could someone please help me...

Thanks in Advance...
ZurdoDev 11-Mar-13 11:53am    
What part do you need help with?
Member 7849477 11-Mar-13 12:22pm    
thanks for the reply..

i need simple example to connect a single server with multiple clients... :)
ZurdoDev 11-Mar-13 12:23pm    
There may be articles on this site, I would search them. I would also search google for examples and then if you get stuck on something specific, come ask here.
Member 7849477 11-Mar-13 12:26pm    
could you give me the steps required for creating a client/server communication..
ZurdoDev 11-Mar-13 12:28pm    
There are a lot of steps, more than I can go into here. You need some sort of socket control, decided on which protocol to use, then define how your messages will be formatted, get some sort of UI, decide if you want a server or if it will be peer-to-peer, etc.

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For some very basic ideas, please see my past answers:
Multple clients from same port Number[^],
an amateur question in socket programming[^].

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