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I am trying to execute this sql task in SSIS package which send an email when the file name is not found. I have declared this user-defined variable "@PackageStartTime" in my ssis package. But when my SSIS package hit this task it fails with following error.

"Executing query DECLARE @PackageStartTime Varchar(250) SET @Packag...." failed with the error.: "Parameter name is unrecognized." Possible failure
reasons: Problem with the query, "ResultSet" Property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly."

DECLARE @PackageStartTime Varchar(250)
  SET @PackageStartTime =?

  FROM [dbo].[Table1] WHERE RowCDate >=@PackageStartTime)>0


  DECLARE @SUB Varchar(250)
  SET @SUB = 'File Failed'+@@SERVERNAME

  DECLARE @BODY Varchar(250)
  SET @BODY = 'File Failed'+@@SERVERNAME

  EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @profile_name='default',
  @query= 'SELECT DISTINCT FileLoadName
  FROM [dbo].[Table1] WHERE RowCDate >=@PackageStartTime',

I am unable to understand. I have just added a variable User::strPackageStartTime as Datatype = String and Value is blank. I don't have that variable in parameter mapping in Execute SQL Task Editor. Is there I am missing something?

Thank in advance
Updated 13-Mar-13 20:48pm
Anurag Sinha V 12-Mar-13 0:12am
What does your column RowCDate denote?Is it a DateTime column? If yes, then I guess you need to set your user defined variable @PackageStartTime as DateTime.
Try it....Everything apart from this looks fine in your code.

Hope it helps..


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