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I need to create a client server based software (desktop).

There would be multiple client with different IP Address, but same port number.


client A has ip: with port number:5555
client B has ip: with port number:5555
client C has ip: with port number:5555
client D has ip: with port number:5555


server has ipddress: with port number:5555.

Now I need to create a communicate link between client A, B, C and D with the server.

Could someone please help me ?

Thanks in Advance.

1 solution

This is the most common scenario. There are several good examples you could find with google?
Start here: Working with Sockets in C#[^]
But as you have not specified anything further regarding your application, this is much the most I could suggest.
So what have you tried so far?
Please note, that you can not specify client port by design of tcp/ip stack. Ant it makes also no sense at all trying to do so. Why do you think you need this?
Member 7849477 15-Mar-13 4:23am
@Zoltán Zörgő

thanks for the reply.... :)

i am developing a LAN based Collaboration software... where user can login from any registered systems and start their work... they can create task,notes.. send message to other users... chat with each other...

Sir, could you give me a simple example of server having a different ipaddress and client having a different ipaddress..
[using TCPCLient and TCPListener... i don't want to use ASCallback thing..]

PLEASE guide me with this... :)
Zoltán Zörgő 15-Mar-13 5:57am
Don't you think, that your current knowledge level is far too low for such a task? If you ask such questions, you are far-far away from what you desire to achieve. I suggest you start with a little bit simpler task.
By the way, according to current main stream, such applications are better to be made as HTML5 thin client applications than thick ones. Please consider this alternative too.

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