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How I can convert from decimal to binary in c++ ?
Matthew Faithfull 16-Mar-13 18:19pm    
You're going to have to be a little more specific. Any number used in C++, decimal or otherwise is already being represented in binary to exist on a binary computer in the first place so no conversion as such is necessary. Do you want a std::string with the 1's and 0's in or something else?
Captain Price 17-Mar-13 8:02am    
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Mar-13 22:07pm    
Despite two answers, I still don't understand the question. A number cannot be "decimal" or "binary". Everything is binary. "Decimal" can only be a string.
So, you might ask about string representation of some numeric value, such as "1010101100010". You should understand that this is a string.

I searched using search text: convert decimal to binary string, I found a couple examples that should give you some help to write your conversion program.

Using .NET Framework method
Convert.ToString Method (Int16, Int32)[^]
int number=63;
Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToString(number, 2)); // Convert number to Base 2 string

Using an algorithm
How to Convert a Decimal Number to a Binary Number in a String[^]. You'll have to convert the syntax from VB to C++.
Decimal to Binary Example Program[^]
Decimal to Binary Source Code[^]. A previously answered question. See Solution 1.
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Google broken again? ;)

Works well for me right now, so I'll share: Decimal to Binary.

— Manfred
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