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in OOPs concept Abstraction and Abstract classes are same or Difference.
pls give me solutions with example.


1 solution

I just did a google search and found 941000000 results. You need to do the basic research yourself. If you face any specific problems you can post it here along with proper descriptions and the related code . We will be happy to help you

Check how google answers your question here ^[^]
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SoMad 17-Mar-13 3:51am     CRLF
So now there are 941000001 results :). I was almost about to Google "anysepeific" since I did not recognize the word, but then I realized it was just a double typo :-) Soren Madsen
bbirajdar 17-Mar-13 8:39am    
Well I was the one of the people who showed you the direction. Otherwise you would be waiting for days for someone who would have researched for you and posted a answer which can really be understood by you.
SoMad 17-Mar-13 9:09am     CRLF
I am not the OP. I just commented on your solution to let you know I agree he should have run a search before posting the question. Sorry if you did not find my comment amusing, it was not my intention to make fun of you. I make typos all the time. Soren Madsen
bbirajdar 17-Mar-13 9:29am    
Oh..I got it..I mistook you as the OP....My apologies ..Actually I don't even feel like posting links to google for these type of vague questions. But the OPs come back again with similar questions. So I felt it necessary to show them some direction
SoMad 17-Mar-13 9:41am     CRLF
No problem. And most of the time when we ask them for more information about their problem, we never hear back from them. BTW, when I saw that word, my first thought was that it was a fancy word I did not know, and I felt pretty silly when I realized what it was. That is why I mentioned it in my comment :) Soren Madsen

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