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Please help me how to split the

list<string> item=new list<string>();
My output should be like this:

sample (some space) 45.00 (some space) 1 (some space) 45.00
water (some space) 45.00 (some space) 1 (some space) 50.00
Updated 18-Mar-13 0:43am
Matt T Heffron 18-Mar-13 14:20pm
There isn't enough information in your question to give any useful suggestions.
You haven't given a definition/description of how you know where you need/want to split the input strings.
(I'm assuming that the quoted strings you've shown are merely representative of the actual data acquired from some other source.)
(Why is the data in this poor format to start with?)

1 solution

item.Add("sample   45.00    145.00");
 item.Add("water   45.00   145.00");
Matt T Heffron 18-Mar-13 14:16pm
Obvious and doesn't event match the stated question.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 15:13pm
Ha what question:)

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