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Hello everybody

I tried hard to find a suitable and complete solution to my problem, but I did't succeed.

I want to create a ReportViewer and handle it at runtime. I'm familiar with creating Datasets, Datatables and DataGridviews. All data for the above is generated ONLY at runtime in my testing app.

For the ReportViewer I need for example:
Showing in a textbox some data from the SelectedValue property of a combobox.
Generate first column once, by a SELECT (SQL)statement.
Adding 2 columns for each checked item in a CheckedListBox.

Each of the above tasks are done at runtime by usual means: SQL code, DataTables and DatagridViews.

If somebody could and want to help I'll be glad to provide more detailed information, maybe we could to build such an app.

[no name] 18-Mar-13 8:09am
"I'll be glad to provide more detailed information", you should have provided detailed information in your question to begin with. Along with what the problem is exactly.
RaduRoman 18-Mar-13 8:28am
Thanks for your reply.

The exactly problem is that I want that report generated at runtime, by code not in Designer along with the dataset(s) used to populate it.
A brief example of using variables and Datatables generated at runtime as datasources for the report.

I can also post a detailed description for the problem to be solved, but I don't want to become boring. Keep in mind that I'm using hard SQL, Datatables and DatagridViews so practically I wanto to use same way to programatically define and populate a report.

[no name] 18-Mar-13 9:06am
Perhaps this is a language barrier, "I want that report generated at runtime" is a requirement statement, not any kind of a description of a problem. Please improve your question with the code that you have tried, the error messages that you get when you run your code or a detailed explanation of what the problem is exactly.

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