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Hello Friend
I am newbie to and now I am creating a Project where i have a requirement to use Tiered Architecture.
To do so i have created Class Libraries for Buissness Layer Data Acces Logic and Entity Library and finally my web application
All the above stuff i have in single solution. Now when it comes to deployment i've Application server and Database Server.
But after doing some RND I came to know that these Layers are Logical Sepration and When we deploy those on different Server then we can call it as Layered Architecture,But Practically i've single Application Server in that case we can call it as Layered Architecture
Correct me if I am Wrong.
So how to achieve Tiered Architecture using single physical machine(server)
Updated 18-Mar-13 20:43pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Mar-13 12:29pm    
The alternative is not clear. A tier also normally plays a role of a kind of a layer. If you want to make a choice, that choice can be between tiers and — what?
And decisions depend on the goals and character of your project, which you did not really share with us...
Rakesh S S 18-Mar-13 13:08pm    
I want to make application with Tiered Architecture with single Application Server.
I've Just Created those Layer as mentioned
CHill60 18-Mar-13 13:25pm    
You could try implementing the data access layer (aka tier) as a web service - that would enable a physical separation of the layers as well as the logical separation?

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