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Hey everyone

In my other posts, you may see that i have had trouble with large base64 strings from bitmaps.
Is there a way to keep the image size the same, but decrease the amount of pixels?
I've tried using Jpg instead of Png, but that made minor differences.

Updated 19-Mar-13 7:12am
Zoltán Zörgő 19-Mar-13 13:31pm
What is your final goal with all these?
[no name] 22-Mar-13 13:35pm
to do a remote desktop program

1 solution

You don't.

Reducing the number of pixels will ALWAYS reduce the image size. With a "reduced" number of pixels, you get the illusion of a larger image only when it's displayed by scaling up a smaller image fit a display area larger than the image. This results in a fuzzier display and a "pixelated" look.

Give up the Base64 encoding and learn how to do it for real.
Maciej Los 19-Mar-13 13:30pm
Short and to the point, my 5!
[no name] 22-Mar-13 13:36pm
stop being nasty, if you gave me an actual answer instead of telling me what not to do, maybe i will stop asking, mister 249k.
maybe you should give me a "Short and to the point, my 5!" as well, Maciej Los.
Dave Kreskowiak 22-Mar-13 13:55pm
The quality of the answer you get is directly dictated by the quality of the question you ask. You're asking "how do I do this very specific thing that makes no sense at all" instead of explaining that you're "trying to make a remote desktop application and this is the problem I'm running into". Which question do you think is going to get the better answer?

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