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Here I am paste my some code snippets of cpp file.
typedef int(*pFunctionPointer2)(int,HANDLE);
typedef int(*pFunctionPointer3)(int,int,char*,HANDLE);
typedef int(*pFunctionPointer4)(FILE*,int,int,HANDLE);
typedef bool(*pFunctionPointer5)(HANDLE);

pFunctionPointer2 pFn2 = NULL;
pFunctionPointer3 pFn3 = NULL;
pFunctionPointer4 pFn4 = NULL;
pFunctionPointer5 pFn5 = NULL;

for e.g.
pFn2 = (pFunctionPointer2)GetProcAddress(hLib,"ADDNumber");

in which I used dll function, but there are different events of MFC dialogue based application.

So for each event all typedef functions should have to call, is there any way to declare in one function and call at once?
Updated 20-Mar-13 5:42am
Leo Chapiro 20-Mar-13 11:51am
Although I have edited this question I fear I have not understand it - so what do you want to do please? :)

In a word, no there is no shortcut to defining, casting and assigning all of the method addresses.

The only way to get around this is to link to the dll in question rather than using LoadLibrary()/GetProcAddress().
nv3 20-Mar-13 15:05pm
That's what I would recommended. I have a feeling that OP actually wanted to link to the library, but somehow didn't know how.
You could use the "main focus" of all "events":
// exported by DLL
// BOOL DllCheckMsg(MSG*);

// your.cpp
/*virtual*/ BOOL CYourDlgApp::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)

However, the goal of the communication is not clear for me... :)

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