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Hello everyone,

I am working with listbox and image controls in silverlight 5. Trying to display a image in image control by selecting a image name in the listbox. Below is the code using in listbox_selection changed event. What could be the reason for this exception.

ImgesList.Source = 
new BitmapImage(new Uri(App.Current.Host.Source.OriginalString.Substring(0, App.Current.Host.Source.OriginalString.IndexOf("ClientBin")) + "Images/" + listBox1.SelectedItem));


Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length

Thanks in advance.
Updated 21-Mar-13 1:31am
Richard MacCutchan 21-Mar-13 5:08am    
The parameter name length does not appear in those two lines of code. Go back and check exactly where the exception is occurring.
bapu_reddy 21-Mar-13 7:18am    
This is the only statement using in "Listbox_selectionchanged" event, where do I go back and check.....

Add the following if statement before your code:
if(listbox1.SelectedIndex >= 0)
... // your normal code here
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This error occurs if the lenght of string in the method "Substring" is negative.
You can catch this exception like this:

try {
   string str = App.Current.Host.Source.OriginalString.Substring(0, App.Current.Host.Source.OriginalString.IndexOf("ClientBin");
catch (ArgumentOutOfRangeException e) {

That means, check whether your string have "ClientBin" at all:

int n = App.Current.Host.Source.OriginalString.IndexOf("ClientBin");
if (n > -1)

or something like this ;)
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