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I have a Silverlight 4 Toolkit Chart with all the axes and series added in code behind.
When styling the horizontal gridlines, only the first gridline has the style applied to.

Does anyone know how to overcome this and aply that style to all gridlines?

The Axis are created like this:
LinearAxis NovoINYAxis = new LinearAxis();
NovoINYAxis.Orientation = AxisOrientation.Y;
NovoINYAxis.Location = AxisLocation.Left;
NovoINYAxis.Name = "YLinearINAxis";
NovoINYAxis.AxisLabelStyle = userControl.Resources["IntegerAxisLabelStyle1"] as Style;
NovoINYAxis.Minimum = 0;
NovoINYAxis.Margin = new Thickness(2, 0, 2, 0);
NovoINYAxis.ShowGridLines = true;

Binding binding = new Binding();
binding.FallbackValue = 10;
binding.ElementName = "userControl";
binding.Path = new PropertyPath("MaxIN");
NovoINYAxis.SetBinding(LinearAxis.MaximumProperty, binding);

binding = new Binding();
binding.FallbackValue = 0;
binding.ElementName = "userControl";
binding.Path = new PropertyPath("MinIN");
NovoINYAxis.SetBinding(LinearAxis.MinimumProperty, binding);

Style gridLineStyle = new Style(typeof(Line));
gridLineStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(Line.StrokeProperty, "White"));
gridLineStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(Line.StrokeThicknessProperty, 1));
gridLineStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(Line.OpacityProperty, 0.4));
gridLineStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(Line.StrokeDashArrayProperty, "6,4"));
NovoINYAxis.GridLineStyle = gridLineStyle;

Apreciate any help.

Anyone? Thanks.
Updated 24-Mar-13 23:42pm

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