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Hi every Coder.
I just wanna start coding Windows File system using Minifilter drivers. I'm not quite familiar with this topic and I never worked on drivers or file systems before. I seek for Help how to start and what to read.(In terms of time, I have 2 months , do you think it's enough ?)
Mohibur Rashid 24-Mar-13 23:02pm    
sami1985sami 27-Mar-13 3:29am    
I did, but I got lost,
Hawkfuture 24-Mar-13 23:46pm    
sami1985sami 27-Mar-13 3:31am    
I red some of them, but seems that I need make other reading before going to WDK/MSDN.

That will be not so simple for you to start with drivers.
The major documentation which you should use is WDK. Not worry if it will be hard to read at start but as you have objective to learn it you will win.
Getting started with drivers development[^]
The main part of it for you is IFS. Previously it was separated DDK but not it included into the WDK package. Here you can read abt that: Installable File System[^]

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sami1985sami 27-Mar-13 3:36am    
HiIf someone can show me the basic structure for mini-filter driver, I think this will help me out a lot.
Thnx Coders.
Maxim Kartavenkov 27-Mar-13 3:58am    
Once you have WDK installed you can find samples as the followed path DDK\version\src\filesys\miniFilter
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Maxim Kartavenkov 25-Mar-13 5:53am    
Hi Alex,
Not sure that will be usefull to him. He starting with the drivers and with IFS. In IFS drivers there is no access to any WinAPI includig CryptoAPI as it totally kernel driver type.
sami1985sami 27-Mar-13 3:33am    
I think I'll need that later for sure
Volynsky Alex 27-Mar-13 5:44am    
OK Maxim, but what do you think about it:
- Windows FileSystem Mini Filter Driver Development
- Creating an INF File for a Minifilter Driver:
- C++ in minifilter driver:
Maxim Kartavenkov 27-Mar-13 6:35am    
Yep, that links can be useful.
Volynsky Alex 27-Mar-13 6:39am    
Fine Maxim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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