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Hi In one page to another page in page cann't reload or refresh. it will without refresh go to second page .aspx.

Thanks Advance Friends...
Updated 18-Sep-20 5:00am
ZurdoDev 25-Mar-13 7:54am
Raje_ 25-Mar-13 8:16am
You can't. To redirecting a page you need a full postback.
Rekhash 25-Mar-13 8:18am
in aspx page- one page to another page(page cannot relaod or refresh).
In Eg: First page(.aspx ) to another page(.aspx ).in first page in submit button to go another wont refresh page. @ryanb31
Rekhash 25-Mar-13 8:19am
No. we can use ajax or jquery in @Raje
Raje_ 25-Mar-13 8:53am
Even if you use Ajax or Jquery, the browser will definatly refresh. but you can avoid running your server side code using javascript or jquery. use"your url") or location.href = "your url"; of javascript, if you want to redirect a page from client side. One more thing you can do is, use Update Panel and in update panel take iframe and open your page inside that iframe.
nika2008 25-Mar-13 9:19am
i am not sure if this is helpfull for you, but u can try with <iframe> or <frameset>
to get second page .aspx.

Raje_ 25-Mar-13 9:06am
Are you sure It will not refresh the page?
RajeshRaushan 25-Mar-13 9:21am
Which page? If you do it from client side then the postback will not happen for the first-page. The 2nd page you are redirecting - so that is expected to load anyway.
The question isn't very clear in that sense - let me know if it is asking for something else.
As I said You can not redirect to another page without postback.
However there is trick which you can use for a better user experience, Do remember, it would not avoid the postback but it would not cause any flicker in your screen. You can place these two tags at the head of your HTML dcocument :-

<META http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.2)">
<META http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.2)">

One more thing, these code might not work in some browsers. but In IE it will work.

Good luck.

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