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Hi, I have a listbox and it has a datasource, according to datasource some Textboxes are created automatically and when I MouseEnter to the first TextBox which is in Listbox's DataTemplate Keyboard disapers and the think that I want to do is When I click on a letter from the keyboard I want to go in to the next TextBox. For example; I click to "A" letter for the first Textbox and than I want to go into the next Texbox How can ı do that ??
AghaKhan 27-Mar-13 19:19pm    
Who told you that Textboxes are created automatically. That is a wrong information. You don't see it because there is none.
ct_12 27-Mar-13 20:15pm    
You sure that you have understood the question? I am not asking that textbox are created automatically or not ! Read it again and if u have a solution just write it.
[no name] 27-Mar-13 20:25pm    
What I think you want to do from this is create a TraversalRequest object with FocusNavigationDirection.Next then get the UIElement that has the focus then call MoveFocus.
ct_12 28-Mar-13 5:51am    
Thank you for your answer but I can not find any .dll to import it to the project in Visual Studio for WindowsPhone, you have any idea about it ?
AghaKhan 27-Mar-13 21:24pm     CRLF
I can write a solution with no problem, but have to understand the question. It is not clear I click "A" letter for the first Textbox and then I want to go to int next TextBox. It looks like you have listbox and every listboxitem has a TextBox. How many ListboxItem do you have? Is each textBox take only one char as a input? I am not sure what is your question. Please make it clear and I will post the solution! Thanks for asking.

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