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I am working on an application where i am populating controls from the database table, for this i have written linq query to fetch the data.

The data can be fetched from the databse but when i try to insert values in the table it just doesn;t do anything. The values are not getting stored in the table and there is no error or exception generated while doing the same.

I am using this piece of code to insert the value.

Tasks tsk = new Tasks
                    game_id = 1,
                    platform_id = 1,
                    version_id = 1,
                    description = "abcd",
                    activity_name = "abcd",
                    projected_start_date = Convert.ToDateTime("01/13/2010"),
                    projected_end_date = Convert.ToDateTime("01/14/2010"),
                    duration = 1,
                    parent_task_id = 1
svcContext.MergeOption = MergeOption.AppendOnly;
svcContext.AddObject("Tasks", tsk);

i have tried using BeginSavechanges :doh: as well as endSave changes but that also didnt work.

I am stuck with this and any help of this will be greatly appreciated. :)
Updated 5-Feb-10 12:20pm

Silverlight with ADO.Net?

There is no ADO.Net in Silverlight.
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According to Bing[^], there is some connection between ADO.NET and silverlight. I would guess that there's an issue with where the table lives, and perhaps there's a local copy that gets modified by then replaced by the server one ? I would suggest reading up on the article I linked to, to understand how ADO.NET works with silverlight. I'd have guessed if the DB was on a server, that silverlight would use webservices to talk to it.
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