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Hi all,

I have current requirement where i need to convert images stored on my local machine to pdf and save that pdf in same folder, and i need javascript snippet for that.
Please help me with this as i am struggling from so long.
If u have solution using Dynamic web twain its ok..
i can use it... as i have already used it for converting scanned copies to images on my local machine.
Thanks in Advance
bbirajdar 29-Mar-13 8:00am
Reuse the solution you already have.. Why are you looking for something new ?
sunil mali 29-Mar-13 8:06am
i am not looking for anything new sir, i used dynamic web twain for saving images to my local machine, now i want those saved image to be converted into pdf, Converting saved images to pdf feature is not there in dynamic web twain. Thats why i am looking for some javascript snippet for this....
ZurdoDev 29-Mar-13 8:16am
Javascript is not the right technology for this simply because it cannot access the client's hard drive. You might want Java or something else.
sunil mali 29-Mar-13 8:52am
Javascript is the only way using which we can access client's drive... Because javascript is client side library...
i have found one links like
but i am not able to use it, because i am not able to understand where to start....

I know i can achieve it, as whatever doubts i had till this date i have solved everything...At the end of this blog definately i have one or other way to achieve this...
just looking for someone right who can answer....
Prasad Khandekar 29-Mar-13 17:56pm
Hello Sunil,

You have found the product, but did not bothered to look the samples provided on the site. Please look at the sample especially ([^]). Do remember that this library is free for non-commercial use only.

1 solution

Hii prasad,
They have given this function, but i don't know how to read pdf created by this function by my frame.
see it returns pdf object i want to read this pdf object through my frame.
See if u can help with this.

function CreatePDF() {

    // create BytescoutPDF object instance
    var pdf = new BytescoutPDF();

    // set document properties: Title, subject, keywords, author name and creator name
    pdf.propertiesSet("Sample document title", "Sample subject", "keyword1, keyword 2, keyword3", "Document Author Name", "Document Creator Name");

    // set page size
    // set page orientation

    // add new page

    pdf.fontSetStyle(false, false, false);

    for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
        pdf.fontSetSize(10 + i * 4);
        pdf.textAdd(20 + 70 * i, 20, 'hola');

    pdf.fontSetStyle(false, true, true);
    pdf.textAdd(50, 50, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, true, true);
    pdf.textAdd(250, 50, 'hello');


    pdf.textAdd(20, 70, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, false, true);
    pdf.textAdd(100, 70, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(false, true, true);
    pdf.textAdd(190, 70, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, true, true);
    pdf.textAdd(280, 70, 'hello');

    pdf.textAdd(20, 90, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, false, false);
    pdf.textAdd(100, 90, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(false, true, false);
    pdf.textAdd(190, 90, 'hello');
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, true, true);
    pdf.textAdd(280, 90, 'hello');

    for (var j = 0; j < 50; j++) {
        pdf.graphicsSetColor(j * 5, 0, 250 - j * 5);
        pdf.graphicsSetLineWidth(1 + j / 25);
        pdf.graphicsDrawLine(20, 120 + j * 4, 120, 120 + j * 4);

    pdf.textAdd(200, 150, 'hello');


    pdf.imagePlace(20, 40);

    pdf.imagePlace(120, 220);

    // return BytescoutPDF object instance
    return pdf;
sunil mali 30-Mar-13 2:40am
Also if you have any product, which i can use for non commercial purpose... Your suggestions are always welcome..

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