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Hi there,
I want to draw a path by c++, Window Form
the path is based on two variables, x and y
and both variables change w.r.t time
Therefore, I want the program to plot x and y on the graph every 0.5s

Here is my code
Color Black=Color::FromArgb(250, Color::Black);
   SolidBrush^ myBrush = gcnew SolidBrush( Black );
   if (x!=0 $$ y!=0)
       CallerGDI-> FillRectangle(myBrush,x,y,1,1); //draw point


But my program can only plot the first point, am I missing something

p.s Actually x and y are signals come from a serial port
Updated 7-Feb-10 3:52am

Your posted code is painting one pixel. That is the working part of your project.

And where ist the timer function or the loop computing new values for x and y?
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Your plotting function should draw the entire graph (i.e. a set of points -or lines-) each time is called. Hence you have to store the read points, scale properly and then plot all of them (or, at least, a fixed number of most recent ones).

And yes, you may use an array to store read values.

Please modify your original post, insted of adding fake answers.
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re stebich :

x and y are some signals come from a serial port
so it is changing when the program is listening the serial port

re CPallini:
How can I store those changing variables?
By using List structure? or array?
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You can store all the x and y pairs as a vector of POINT structures.
std::vector<POINT> ptGraph;

You can then use the GDI Polyline[^] to draw the entire graph in one shot.
If you have multiple lines to be drawn, you can use the PolyPolyline[^] function.

If you can use GDI+, you the Graphics::DrawPolygon[^] function.
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