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In model pop-up I have two 4 colomns in the grid and along with that i have edit linkbutton and delete linkbutton in the grid and also related text boxes. when i click edit i need to fill the textboxs under the grid. i am enabling the edit link button and delete link button. but when i click edit linkbutton second time the pop-up background is becoming black. please help me.
private void DisableGridViewChildControls(bool enable)
            if (FinancialContactGridView.Rows.Count > 0)
                foreach (GridViewRow gvrw in FinancialContactGridView.Rows)
                    LinkButton lnkEdit = (LinkButton)gvrw.FindControl("edit");
                    if (lnkEdit != null)
                        lnkEdit.Enabled = enable;
                    LinkButton lnkDelete = (LinkButton)gvrw.FindControl("CancelLinkButton");
                    if (lnkDelete != null)
                        if (enable)
                            lnkDelete.Attributes.Add("OnClientClick", "return confirm('Are you sure you want to terminate the contact?');");
                            lnkDelete.OnClientClick = null;
                        lnkDelete.Enabled = enable;
Updated 2-Apr-13 7:56am
Maciej Los 2-Apr-13 13:34pm
WinForms? WebControls? WPF?

1 solution

LinkButton1.Enabled = false; should disable the link button.

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