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I am making a sample form of
function in linux. The program searches all files in a directory. And If there is a directory in the current directory that we are searching for files, Program gets in that directory and prints all files too and so on.. I mean The program prints everything in a directory and directories under current directory. For example If I searches it in Desktop, It gives me all files under Desktop.

I DID this all but The problem is about
process. I want child process to create
when It finds a directory and I want parent process to print the name of files.Thats all what I want.But when I run the program, I accrooss a file name several times. I want to see a file or directory name only ones not several times. How can I handle this?

int searchDirectory(char *currDir) 
struct dirent *direntp;
DIR *dirp;
char currentDir[250];

if ((dirp = opendir(currDir)) == NULL) 
    perror("Failed to open directory");
    return 1;

while ((direntp = readdir(dirp)) != NULL)
    /*Only Parent can print the results*/
    if(strcmp(direntp->d_name,".") !=0  
        && strcmp(direntp->d_name,"..") != 0 && pid != 0)
        printf("PID %d PPID %d : %s\n",getpid(),getppid(), direntp->d_name);

    if(direntp->d_type == DT_DIR )
        /*Only child can make process*/
        if(strcmp(direntp->d_name,".") !=0  
            && strcmp(direntp->d_name,"..") != 0 && pid == 0)
            pid = fork();               
            //Copies the path and searches in again
            sprintf(currentDir, "%s/%s", currDir, direntp->d_name);
            searchDirectory(currentDir);  //Recursive Step
   while ((closedir(dirp) == -1) && (errno == EINTR)) ;

   return 0; //Sabri Mev at GYTE
Richard MacCutchan 3-Apr-13 11:48am
Don't use fork, just use a recursive function.
Radha.Krishna12 13-May-13 7:46am
How can you compare pid == 0 before fork() ??

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