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Hi I'm having some problem when running this code.

Can you please solve the run time error of "NullReferenceException" in following code which was generated

            NowTime = DateTime.Now
If IsValidShutdown Then
                tblRawTesterShutdown = objDAL.GetRawTesterShutdown(StartTime, NowTime)
asdasdIf tblRawTesterShutdown.Rows.Count > 0 Then
                    For Each RowItem As DataRow In tblRawTesterShutdown.Rows
                        objShutdownReport = New ShutdownReportENT
                        With objShutdownReport
                            .ShutdownType = _ShutdownType
                            .TesterID = LineNo                          
                            .E_Code = RowItem.Item("E_FIELD").ToString.Trim
                            .F_Code = RowItem.Item("F_FIELD").ToString.Trim
                            .G_Code = RowItem.Item("G_FIELD").ToString.Trim
                            .Status = RowItem.Item("HSA_STATUS").ToString.Trim
                            .Family = RowItem.Item("FAMILY").ToString.Trim
                            .Count = CInt(RowItem.Item("COUNTOFLINENO"))
                            .StartTime = StartTime
                            .Timestamp = NowTime                           
                            .CACHE_FAMILY = RowItem.Item("CACHE_FAMILY").ToString.Trim                           
                            If Family = Nothing Then
                                Family = "'" & .Family & "'"
                                If Family.IndexOf(.Family) = -1 Then
                                    Family = Family & ",'" & .Family & "'"
                                End If
                            End If
                        End With

                    Return False
        End If
 Catch ex As Exception
            Throw New Exception("Shutdown: " & ex.Message)
        End Try
        Return False
Updated 3-Apr-13 17:37pm
Karthik Harve 4-Apr-13 0:09am
did you debug the code ? did you found the line of code throwing this error ? usually, this error comes, when objects went null and you trying to access it. debug and find the which object is that and try to fix it.
kumar2413 4-Apr-13 1:48am
I have done the debug actually and manage to find the error. Thanks a lot for your help and guidance.
Karthik Harve 4-Apr-13 1:54am
Can you tell us which line of code throwing this error ? because, this error may cause by any of the objects in your code.
kumar2413 4-Apr-13 3:05am
No actually there is continues code below that when i modify that then it able to work. because the down part only was having some problem.

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