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I want a regex that i want to get the src value from the image tag

for example

<img title="abc" src="folder/MyImage.jpeg" alt="">

i want "folder/MyImage.jpeg"

How can i achieve using regex ???

This is the expression you need: <img[^>]*?src=(['"])(.*?)\1.*?>. See linqpad sample:
string pattern = @"<img[^>]*?src=(['""])(.*?)\1.*?>";
RegexOptions options = RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.Compiled | RegexOptions.Singleline;
string text = @"<a href=""/hireso/567-lexikon-aprilisi-nepi-joslatok"" class=""thumbnail"">
        <img src='' />
<p>Újra eltelt a egy hónap, és az időjárással kapcsolatos népi megfigyelések áprilisi állomásához érkeztünk.</p>
<h4><a href='/hireso/536-lexikon-idojarasi-rekordok-a-vilagban'>Lexikon: időjárási rekordok a világban</a></h4>
<a href=""/hireso/536-lexikon-idojarasi-rekordok-a-vilagban"" class=""thumbnail"">
        <img src="""" />
<p>Meteorológiai szélsőségekről szóló cikksorozatunk utolsó részéhez érkeztünk, amiben a világ rekordokról olvashatsz. Az előző cikkekben (1, 2) is voltak jócskán meglepő adatok, hát még a most következőben!</p>";

Regex re = new Regex(pattern, options);
var srcs = re.Matches(text).Cast<Match>().Select(x => x.Groups[2].Value);

This last Dump() is a LinqPad thing, but the srcs varaible will hold a list of string with the src values from the img tags.
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Kenneth Haugland 4-Apr-13 13:44pm    
That would also work. 5ed
fjdiewornncalwe 4-Apr-13 14:02pm    

Have a look here:[^]


But now I found that you can't parse HTML using a regular expression:[^]

To parse HTML, have a look at this article:
Parsing HTML Tags in C#[^]

You can also use the HtmlAgilityPack:[^]
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[no name] 4-Apr-13 13:05pm    
This expression help me if i've one image tag... if more than one tag then it is not working it just find the first src....
what i need to do can you help me????
Thomas Daniels 4-Apr-13 13:19pm    
I updated my answer.
Well, it depends what you want to do, but I would use Balanced grouping with the start condition "<img" and the end condition ">"

For details on how to set it up:
In Depth with .NET RegEx Balanced Grouping[^]

And then there is just the matter of going though all the hits to find the src bit.

Or you can use this tool and generate the expression yourself
Expresso - A Tool for Building and Testing Regular Expressions[^]
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