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Hi everyone, I need a method for divide two big numbers in string,( console app. and in c++ )
for example :
string s1 = "4234823759252523523502525234232"...( about 100 char numbers )"
string s2 = "243423423423"...also like above"

string Result = Divide(s1,s2);

Thank you.
joshrduncan2012 8-Apr-13 16:26pm    
Great thing to ask google. Not a question, btw.
[no name] 10-Apr-13 6:09am    
yes, but my problem didn't solve there(Google). :D
Matt T Heffron 8-Apr-13 16:44pm    
How would you do it if you wrote the numbers out on paper and did the "long division"?
Well, that's what you need to code.
Give that a try and if you have specific problems with the implementation, then ask for help here.
[no name] 10-Apr-13 6:07am    
i did those things and i coded this method, actually i programmed a console app. that has 4 methods ; sum minus multiply divide for BIG numbers in string format and the main method, i felt something went wrong when i saw the whole program has 400 linen, is that too much or ....
thank you anyway for answering, Matt T Heffron
Matt T Heffron 10-Apr-13 13:00pm    
400 lines does not seem like a seriously excessive length.
An experienced programmer could probably trim off a bit.

1 solution

This is a well-known problem related to some class which is usually called "BigInteger" or "BigInt".

These are some of the implementations:[^],[^],[^].

You can try to find some more:[^].

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