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var chk = new CheckBox();
chk.CheckedChanged += chkBox_CheckedChanged;

private void chkBox_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (sender is CheckBox)
                CheckBox checkbox = sender as CheckBox;
                if (checkbox.Checked)
                    checkbox.Text = "Checked";
                    checkbox.Text = "UnChecked";
Updated 9-Apr-13 2:37am
Shine Ashraf 9-Apr-13 4:07am    
where you added (event ?) this code ?
Kurac1 9-Apr-13 4:13am    
On button upload i display a hyperlink and a checkbox in a repater when checkbox is selcted on item i want want to display a delete button
Shine Ashraf 9-Apr-13 4:41am    
on above code, you have initialized a check box, and it's default checked state is false.
How you handling the check box's checked change event ?
Kurac1 9-Apr-13 4:50am    
se above code
Shine Ashraf 9-Apr-13 4:53am    
but you are not changing the button visibility.

1 solution

First attach the javascript function to your checkbox
chk.Attributes.Add("onclick", "enableDeleteButton();");

This will call function enableDeleteButton everytime you chick on checkbox. Also below is the function you can use:

function enableDeleteButton() {

            var repeater = document.getElementById('repeater');  // This is div to limit //the controls to repeater checkbox.
            var delbutton = document.getElementById('<%=btnDelete.ClientID%>');
// make button visible false first 
   = 'none';
            var inputs = repeater.getElementsByTagName('input');
            for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) {
                if (inputs[i].type == "checkbox" && inputs[i].checked == true)
           = '';

And in page load make delete button visible false by adding below code:

btnDelete.Style.Add("display", "none");

[Do not use btn.Visible = False as it will not find by javascript]

Let me know if need any help.
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PrashantSonewane 9-Apr-13 7:20am    
Mark as answered if it works for you...

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