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Case 1:

I have 2 .aspx page, named Default1.aspx and Defalut2.aspx,
I am using these two pages for Registration Form.
In Default1.aspx i am getting some data from the user and i storing in database using
WCF Service [Using TransactionFlowOption.Mandatory] and the same way i am getting data from Default2.aspx and i am storing in database using another method in WCF Service [Using TransactionFlowOption.Mandatory] .

Now what i need is:
After Submit Default1.aspx page i am getting some result and i am passing the result to Default2.aspx page (passing via query string), now i am submitting Default2.aspx page and getting the result,

My Questions are:

1) how i will commit transaction using TransactionScope Class in Default2.axps page (Second Page)?
2) if any error occurred in any of the page , how i will rollback the transaction?
3) if any way is there?, to pass the TransactionScope Status from one page to another?

Advice please.
Thanks in Advance..
Updated 9-Apr-13 2:33am

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